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PROFESSIONAL MURDER MUSIC Get Gloomy This Halloween With "Everending" Feat. CHARLIE KENNEDY

Professional Murder Music – everending

The single greatest day of the year has arrived. The ghosts and goblins are out, there are knocks on the door and scratching in the walls. The barrier between here and the underworld is at its thinnest. And within on this day, we are graced with the latest single by Professional Murder Music.

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If you were into nu-metal, gothic, or industrial in the early 2000s, you might have heard Professional Murder Music. The band released three studio albums between 2001 and 2005 toured with the likes of Fear Factory, Rammstein, and Powerman 5000 (among others). They were also featured on video game soundtracks such as Jet Set Radio and in the 2001 slasher film Valentine, as well as Ginger Snaps and End of Days. Though the band has been largely silent for the last fourteen years, they did have a single in 2013, and more recently they unveiled a new song/video entitled “All Comes Down” in September. And today, we have the latest: “Everending” featuring Charlie Kennedy of Forget Your Friends.

For those that have heard the discography, a Professional Murder Music song is unmissable. Sometimes it is more metal, sometimes it leans more into rock, but there is always an underlying gloom that drapes over it all. And “Everending” is very much the embodiment of that, even a little bittersweet. Over four minutes and some change guitarist/vocalist Roman Marisak and Kennedy share the vocal spotlight. Though Marisak does mostly take the somber lead, however, Kennedy is often right there either harmonizing or singing along.

The track is largely an industrial rock track with some of the gothic flair that the band has always carried. The Cure has been an influence on the band in the past (they even covered “A Night Like This” on their self-titled) and it shows. There is a spectre of Robert Smith hanging in the air above. The track is very melodic, never very fast, but bursting with mood, which has always been something Professional Murder Music seem to nail organically.

A quote from Marisak:

“The genesis of “Everending” occurred during the recording of the album De Profundus in 2003. It was the very first song idea worked on together when Tom joined the band. Recording of the tracks was completed in 2006, However, the song sat without lyrics and vocals until recently. Normally, song ideas that sit around uncompleted for a long time like that get dropped, but there was something special about this one. Every time we would listen to it, we felt it needed to be finished up. So we brought in a friend of ours, Charlie Kennedy, who sings for the band Forget Your Friends. She came in with a fresh perspective and helped us finish the writing of the song, and contributed a stellar guest vocal performance. We have a bunch of music and remixes currently in the works right now, 2022 will be more active for sure.”

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“Everending” is a gorgeous, gloomy piece of industrial/goth rock and it is good to see Professional Murder Music putting out some new material. And there is no better day during the year for new music from this band to come out than on Halloween. Be on the look out for new material, and get your gloom on.

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