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Premiere: Seattle's LESBIAN Will Leave You Pondering What "Pyramidal Existinctualism" Means

Posted by on August 3, 2016 at 2:55 pm

In spite of their not-so-subtle name, Seattle's Lesbian are one of doom metal's best kept secrets. Having shared the stage with the likes of YOB, Pentagram and Deafheaven, this weed-friendly quintet is three albums in and hot on the release of their fourth, titled Hallucinogenesis. 

If that totally badass Dan Seagrave cover art doesn't convince you to be stoked for this album, then perhaps this exclusive premiere of the first cut from the album will. Behold, "Pyramidal Existinctualism":

The first of the four monumental tracks contained with Hallucinogenesis, "Pyramidal Existicntualism" is a bit more of an upbeat number for Lesbian, featuring driving rhythms, a blackened ambience and an otherworldly guitar lead that carries the song into a fiery abyss not unlike the one featured on the cover of the album. The vocals are also interesting, switching back and forth between bellowing, chanting and blackened shrieks. Of course, the band themselves do a better job describing the track than I ever could:

"A new dawn of creation begins with 'Pyramidal Existinctualism.' Upside down flying black pyramids are shifting, dark-to-light and back again. Many names, but just one and the same, nature's harmonizing light! Inverted circles and inverted skies, parasitis, embryo extraction, and the mind-altering fungal birth begins! Now that the light starts to fade, and the darkness looms once again, so the hand of fate takes its toll!!"

That's some description, and it's oddly accurate. Hallucinogenesis comes out August 26 via Translation Loss Records. Pre-order that beast here.

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