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New KALIYA Track Feels Like Getting Your Face Removed By A Chainsaw (And That's A Good Thing)

Posted by on January 21, 2015 at 5:00 pm

Texas face rippers Kaliya are releasing an album on March 3rd, and I’m about to give you a great reason you need to pick up a copy of their self titled album. The recording was done by Garry Brents and mastered by Proscriptor of Absu, but if you're into pummeling grind I suggest you hop on board the Kaliya train ASAP.

Ben (guitarist) comments on the meaning behind "Left For Dead":

"Literal Meaning: Tyler (vocalist) works at a restaurant/bar and this elderly alcoholic woman would come in as a regular with bruises and cuts on her from her being home by herself, drunk and falling down frequently. One of these falls ended up killing her and he just thought it was a gross story that would fit with some gross sounding music

Symbolic Meaning: Basically how things like substance abuse can lead people to a state of isolation and despair that eventually kills them. People can self medicate and push others away to the point that they are literally "Left for Dead". I don't consider our band to have a real "message" and we certainly aren't preaching but we've had friends go through this stuff and it made for a cool set of lyrics."

Keep up with Kaliya and news on their self release via their Facebook page.

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