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KROSIS Unleash Ominous New Song "Apathos Vacant", Featuring John Robert C. Of THE LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE

Check out a new lyric video for Krosis' "Apathos Vacant", featured on their upcoming album

Check out a new lyric video for Krosis' "Apathos Vacant", featured on their upcoming album

North Carolina's Krosis are ready to release their upcoming record Solem Vatem next week. To prepare fans for the hype, the band is proud to share a new single off the record. The lyric video for "Apathos Vacant" offers an ominous blend of guitar tones, electronic elements, and pure atmosphere. Featuring The Last Ten Seconds Of Life vocalist John Robert C., the track is a straight up banger that'll get fans itching for the rest of the record.

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In regards to working on the track, Robert shares:

Krosis holds a tight grip on that head bang life, so tracking this guest spot for 'Apathos Vacant' was extremely fun. Horns up fuckers.

Krosis drummer Daniel Cece offers his own perspective on the track as well:

"Apathos" is one of my absolute favorite tracks that we've ever written. The atmospheric and theatrical  elements set this song apart from any on the new record. We are also thrilled to have John from [The Last Ten Seconds Of Life] on it as well. We feel this track is a perfect amalgamation of our heavy parts as well as the more progressive song structures that we utilize, making for a hectic yet terrifying journey into the depths.

Solem Vatem was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brandon Scurlark at Eltar Studios, and you can catch our review of the record next week.

Check out the lyric video below, and pre-order your physical and/or digital copies of Solem Vatem before the release!

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