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Oregon Doomsayer HELL's Crushing Fury Returns In "Machitikos"

Posted by on July 24, 2017 at 5:11 pm

Few acts capture the unparalleled dread that Salem, Oregon's Hell does. For over a decade, M.S.W. has been crafting, without a doubt, some of the heaviest music in underground metal. His oppressive form of extreme and droning funeral doom has leveled speakers and caved in eardrums; thus consequently gaining a sizeable following amongst those clamoring for the extreme. 2017 will see a brand new full-length album from Hell, a self-titled effort featuring two songs from a previous 7" as well as a reworked, remastered track that appeared on a compilation CD for a European tour and four new tracks.

"Machitikos" is the track from the compilation CD released a while back. An ominous drone seeps in to kick off the track before a lurching groove erupts from the drums and guitars. M.S.W. has a way with this. Whether it be passages of long drone or rhythmic sludge, he moves seamlessly between styles. The midway point of "Machitikos" unravels into the latter. A distorted roll of riffs, rides, and kicks highlight the back half of the track. It is impossible to not incessantly bang your head while M.S.W.'s unnerving howl stalks between the walls of sound. It all culminates in a vicious and doomed assault worthy of repeated listens.

Hell arrives on August 11 and will certainly be one of the best releases of 2017. Make certain to pre-order a digital or cassette version of the album from Sentient Ruin Laboratories before they sell out. Hell's Bandcamp page also has many of the previous releases that are very much worth the listen. Give "Machitikos" a listen below.

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