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GOREPHILIA Rips Flesh From Bone On Their "Return to Dark Space"

Posted by on February 15, 2017 at 3:06 pm

The world last heard from Finland's Gorephilia back in 2012. At that time, the death metal legion had released their debut album, Embodiment of Death. It saw the Finns move in a direction opposite the legacy of their countrymen and instead towards American forces like Morbid Angel and Death. Some five years later, Gorephilia has returned. Their eyes set towards the vastness of space, their sound more lethal than ever before.

The quintet reemerges on their new album, Severed Monolith. To celebrate, Metal Injection is lucky to premiere a new song from the album, named "Return to Dark Space." Accentuated by an unorthodox structure and a strong technical prowess, one could accidentally slip this track into the meat of Blessed Are The Sick. The homage to early death metal is formidable. Gorephilia's recruitment of a dual, six-string guitar approach builds complex, swirling riffs that dizzy the mind (original guitarist, Jukka Aho, has now been joined by Pauli Gurko.)  While the song, and much of the album, may allude to space's infinite reaches, there is an inherent visceral quality to "Return to Dark Space." Be it, the vomitous growls of Nemesis or the punishing barrage of drums, this song seems to plant itself within the body's core and rip it apart from the inside. Much like the gritty, gory days of the early 90's.

Severed Monolith will be released through Dark Descent Records on March 3. Stream "Return to Dark Space" below along with a previously released song. Pre-orders for the digital and physical copies of the album are on the label's Bandcamp page and official shop. Additionally, Me Saco Un Ojo will be releasing the vinyl format of the album.

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