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FLUIDS' Grinding Death Metal "Seared" My Flesh

Posted by on July 3, 2019 at 10:31 am

It's almost jarring to try and process FLUIDS' music. The Phoenix, Arizona trio's vicious death metal lays hooks in grindcore and slam and sutures them together with fierce noise. On tracks like "Seared," the penultimate track from their upcoming Exploitative Practices album, the combination is enough to burn the skin off bone.

Bathed in feedback, the opening plod of mid-tempo riffs and bellowing vocals breaks into a frenetic stream of programmed drums and heaving rhythm sections that teeter on the verge of outright slam breakdowns. The track, much like many others on the album, clocks in at less than two minutes—a small bite of violent delight.

Listen to an exclusive stream of "Seared" now. Pre-order a copy of the LP or tape from burgeoning death metal label, Maggot Stomp, or pick up a CD from Sevared Records. The album is available digitally this Friday.

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