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Tech Death Trio BARING TEETH Reveals The Evil of Humanity Through "Transitive Savagery"

Tech death metal seems to take many forms, just ask Austin Weber, our tech death expert. Bands can take many avenues within the genre's expansive domain. Some will take any semblance of arrangement and smash it into a million pieces. Others will weave in progressive or melodic sections into an already complex brand of death metal. Both manners yield exhilarating results quite often. Still, for Texas' Baring Teeth, they have a tendency to lean towards the latter of these two.

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On their upcoming third studio album, Transitive SavageryBaring Teeth flexes their deathly might in a number of ways. One of which, on the album's title track, sees the band intricately craft melodies which are seamlessly threaded into a four and a half minute track. Distorted guitars and a deep, guttural growl from Andrew Hawkins show a menacing edge to the track. Yet, dig a little deeper and find a radiant intricacy—particularly as the track approaches the two-minute mark. Elsewhere, the seemingly improvised rhythm by the low-end duo of Scott Addison (bass) and Jason Roe (drums) carries an almost jazzy air. The title track overall encompasses a lot of what makes tech death so intriguing at times.

Hawkins spoke to the track saying, "'Transitive Savagery' kicks off Side B of the album (vinyl). We wanted both sides to start with a blast of aggression, and this song is one of the more straightforward, brutal tracks on the record.  Our goal with this album was to have it amp up the unhinged feel of Ghost Chorus while adding more diversity in how we structure the songs. When you break the title track down, the arrangement of the song as a whole is pretty straightforward. But when you dissect each section within the song, the rhythms and melodies are pretty complex. The songs that we like most are built this way: complexity wrapped up in an arrangement that’s memorable and uncluttered."

"The lyrics explore the idea that, while we live in a supposedly civilized society, deep down people will exploit and discriminate by any justification possible: religion, politics, social status, just to name a few. That theme runs across the entire album. People always show their true colors. The lyrics show a pretty negative view on humanity as a whole."

Find an exclusive stream of "Transitive Savagery" now and pre-order the new album from Translation Loss Records. Find Baring Teeth on Facebook also.

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