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SLIPKNOT Pauses Australian Show After Fan Climbs The PA System


PA Tower Slipknot

There's always gotta be the one person at a show that ruins everything for everyone else. And for Australian fans watching Slipknot headline Knotfest Australia, it was some dude that thought it'd be a great idea to climb the PA tower and then sit up there for a while. Eventually the show gets paused as a festival organizer reprimands "people up in the air" until the guy decides to climb down.

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"We've stopped the show because there's people up in the air," said one of the festival organizers over the loudspeaker. "Everybody that's up in the tower needs to get down. The show will not commence until you are down."

Why you'd climb a PA tower is beyond comprehension – it's really tall and one false move (or one solid breeze) and you're falling a few stories toward permanent injury or death. Plus y'know, there's all the collateral damage of the folks you fall on too. Not cool.

You can watch footage of the show below where it looks like the dude is up there for a few songs.

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