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Shocker: Stoked Cover Band Drummer Started Out In A Metal Band

You may have seen the above video clip by now of a dude way to into drumming this ZZ Top song. You may have also thought, that dude must be a fucking metal drummer. If so, you are right. The drummer's name is Steve Moore and he was recently interviewed by CityPages for a pretty in-depth piece where he reveals his roots where in a metal cover band:

And what was the first "proper" band you were in?
Well it's actually funny because whenever I first started off, you know when I was really young, I did the typical cover thing like most people did, but by the time I was 17 I would say most of the bands I was in were pretty much original bands. I mean almost every band I was in actually until I joined Rick they all played original music.

What kind of music?

Most of it was really really progressive, really really heavy stuff. Some punk-style stuff, but most of the stuff would've been in the vein of like, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Rush, just your typical progressive metal

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Some pretty sprawling 80's metal stuff.
Very much, yessir. Some of it was pretty similar to stuff like Metallica, Slayer, Pantera…you know, that kind of thing. You know just like I said, on the heavier side.

He went on to talk about how when joining his current cover band, with the music having a slower bpm, it allowed him to add more "tricks" into his drumming. Fuckin' awesome! Furthermore, some video footage of one of his earlier, heavier projects has also surfaced. Check it out:

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