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SEPTICFLESH Streaming Remastered Version Of Ophidian Wheel

While Septicflesh aren't working on their upcoming (early) 2014 record, they've been cranking out the reissues of their older material through Seasons of Mist! All new mixes, artwork, bonus tracks, everything! Come check out what they've done to their 1997 record Ophidian Wheel.

It's interesting to hear Septicflesh's music before they reformed in 2008- the older stuff is so much more classic death metal with touches of orchestral work, while the new stuff is basically the soundtrack(s) to the apocalypse. Initially I wanted to make comments regarding the fact this still doesn't sound that great, but then I realized that for one, it came out in 1997 and they're working with those stems. It's also a huge step up from the original, which kind of sounds like a blender full of crap topped off with more crap. Plus as usual, the new artwork courtesy of the band's Seth Siro Antoniou rocks!

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