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Be Ready To Fight When Attacking BRING ME THE HORIZON

Whether you are a fan of the band or not, what happened to Bring Me The Horizon at their recent Salt Lake City show is uncalled for. The band got attacked by some hooligans in the middle of their set. Where the hell is security? Not to sound like a cranky old man, but if you're not a fan of the band, just leave. Here is the full description of the events from the person that uploaded the above video:

A group of hardcore kids rushed the stage in Salt Lake City to fight BMTH. It started when the concert goers threw water bottles at Oli, he threw water right back and called them pussies so 20-30 rushed the stage to throwdown. Only a few made it up but the rest started fights in the crowd. The guitarist on stage right brought his guitar down on the head of one of the attackers.

The band quickly left the stage and the whole group of attackers ran out the side door towards the buses. There were several fights that night and a couple guys totally knocked out. It was too much for security to handle.

After 30ish minutes, BMTH returned and played a short set.

To check out photos of Bring Me The Horizon at a calmer show, check out our snaps from the NY stop of the tour.

[ via Metal Insider ]

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