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OPETH Officially Release New Single, "Cusp Of Eternity"

…and we like it!

...and we like it!

It's finally (officially) here! Opeth just released their new single, Cusp of Eternity via the folks at Metal Hammer.

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Of course, a few months ago, Greg posted a  track by track review of the new Opeth album as we were lucky enough to get an advance and from the sound of the track, it looks like it was track 2 in his review. Greg described the track thusly at the time:

"The track opens with an oscillating noise that sounds like an effected guitar and underneath comes this big, full band groove. I mean one seriously fat motherfucker of a riff. 'Track Two' is a lot less progressively influenced than 'Track One.' There's a few verses, a chorus, a guitar solo and a few little four-or-eight-bar runs between the sections. Where the song lacks in progressive grandiosity, it makes up for by being a straight up headbanger. You know how when 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen comes on and there's that one part everyone head bangs to? This whole song is like that. One of the best moments is the guitar solo, not only because it just rips like mad, but because there's this punctuated, stop-and-go riff underneath that absolutely demands a foot tap at the very least. I would not suggest listening to this song in public because you're going to be forced to react to it in some capacity."

Sounds about right!

Opeth's Pale Communion will be out August 26 via Roadrunner Records. Here is our interview with Mikael and Fredrick from earlier this year talking about the new material:

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