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Nicolas Cage's Son Is Streaming His New Solo Metal Jam

National Treasure be damned.

National Treasure be damned.

It's not exactly a secret actor Nicolas Cage and his son Weston Care are into metal. Hell, Weston even used to play in a group called Eyes of Noctum and never hid the fact of who Weston was. Now that Weston isn't in the group anymore, he's embarking on his own solo venture named after himself. Revolver got a hold of the man and is now streaming his first song, "Tell Me Why (Matriarch of Misery)," which you can hear below!

The song isn't bad per se, but there's bits and pieces in there that just aren't as interesting as the others. Okay, let me rephrase- the chorus thing is pretty cool but the rest of the song just feels like a vehicle to get me to that chorus. There's no real meaty substance outside that, you know? Cage dubs the genre "ghost metal," a genre he's inventing, but this reminds me more of 90's industrial metal more than anything else. The single will be available digitally on September 22 and the album will be out January 2015 sometime. I'm at least interested to hear what the full album will be considering this song has left me a little lukewarm to the whole project.

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