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Metal Lyrics for Dummies

If you are a fan of heavy metal, and I will assume you are considering you are reading this, it’s probably a safe bet to say you have heard your fair share of metal criticism – from fellow metal heads as well as non-believers.  Often I will hear people (especially parents and people totally alien to metal) say that it’s just noise and you can’t understand what they are saying.  To them, I say bologna.  Metal music is some of the most pure, energetic, and to put it simply, awesome sounds that exist in the entire universe.  To their comment of not being able to understand the singers – in many cases, I whole heartedly agree.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t listen to music just for the singer’s voice or to understand what they are saying.  Can’t I enjoy a song in Turkish even if I don’t understand the language?  Of course I can!  I find the non-believers use this simplistic and at times hypocritical put down because they are scared of metal.

With all of that said, I share with you a comical side of metal.  Several years ago while perusing the seas of YouTube; I came across a lyrical interpretation of a TRIVIUM song.  As with much of metal music that is screamed, unless you have read the lyrics beforehand, it is sometimes hard to understand what the lyrics actually are.  Well this particular video interpretation helped the listener read the words as Mr. Heafy sang them, only the words were not the actual lyrics; they were what it “sounded” like.  I found this hilarious and a joke done in good taste.

These days you can find many more of these lyrical interpretations on the internet.  Some done very well that will surely make you laugh, and others are sometimes a stretch.  All I know is that whenever I hear “It Dwells in Me” by ALL THAT REMAINS, whether I’m in my car or at the concert, the words I am singing are “Slow Bee Flow Me, Meowww” instead of whatever the real words are.  For some reason, I find it easier to retain all of these “wrong” lyrics in my head than the real ones.  Now I offer you some examples to peak your interest and hope you can take a joke about the music you love, and have a laugh.

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