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Meet Your New Least-Favorite Band: SNOW WHITE'S POISON BITE

"Hello haters, hello friends, it's me Jeremy, I'm back again"

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So starts your new least-favorite song by the aptly named Snow White's Poison Bite

Here is the video in question and it's honestly mind-blowing how much genre-melding they do.

Of course, there is the obvious Misfits influence with the face paint, but the sound of the band is not at all punk rock. In fact, this sounds like proto-nü-metal to me. The "lyrics" of the song is about how Jeremy is "going to make it." The riffs are all open chords. All that's missing is a backwards red cap. I guess these guys are more influenced by Dope or Orgy.

What angers me the most about this is that the hook is miserably catchy. I heard this song yesterday and then woke up this morning with the hook stuck in my head. It's like a virus infecting me.

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Snow White's Poison Bite's new album Featuring: Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show is out now on leading independent record retailer Victory Records. Of course it is!

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