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Mark Riddick's Death Metal Band, FETID ZOMBIE's New Song, "Devour The Innocent" Goes For The Throat!

Posted by on November 17, 2016 at 2:56 pm

Mark Riddick was recently named by our friends at Metalsucks to be the 25th most important person in metal. He's more known for his artwork than his music, but as luck would have it he has his own incredibly brutal and fucked up death metal band, Fetid Zombie. A band who give no fucks and take no prisoners, there is something strangely addictive about their dungeon level production, brutal vocals and demolishing rhythms. This new track, "Devour The Innocent" reflects the ethereal and wonderfully fucked up beauty of the genre. This is a band who go for the throat, padding out a sound reminiscent of 80s death metal with haunting keyboards. Fetid Zombie is old school death metal at its finest, it just becomes weirder when you remember that the main dude behind this project makes shirts for Justin Bieber..

"Devour the Innocent" is the third of four dirge-like epitaphs that make up the sixth Fetid Zombie full-length, Epicedia. The track is dear to me as it was inspired by the passing of my friend's four-year-old son. The song is about those who leave this earth too soon and how monstrous coping with the grief can be. "Devour the Innocent" features guest vocals by Nunsluttgoat (Goat Holocaust), Dawn Desiree (ex-Rain Fell Within), guest guitar leads by Josh Fleischer (Svierg), Jamie Whyte (Beyond Mortal Dreams), and Toby Knapp (Where Evil Follows), and a bass solo by Nick Walker (Bane Of Bedlam).

Check out the other already released tracks on Bandcamp: https://fetidzombiedm.bandcamp.com/

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