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Listen To A 3 Hour Chat with Justin Broadrick

Justin BroadrickJustin Broadrick, is a modern day rennisance man. He was a big part of early Napalm Death, and later of course Godflesh and Jesu among many other acts. Recently, he was interviewed by New York radio station WFMU, which now posted the 3-hour marathon podcast, featuring a convo with the dude as well as music he created spanning his entire career. You can check it out here.

Ever since a recent hang sesh with Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks, whenever I hear the name Justin Broadrick, I can only think of one thing, something that Axl recently wrote about, which I will just copy and paste as opposed to telling my side of the story, because he gets our stoned conversation across much more eloquently than I would:

So last week Rob from Metal Injection stopped by the MetalSucks Mansion for a hang sesh, and as we were sitting around, shaving years off of our lives (and that was the first night in a long time when I seriously thought I might die), we decided we needed to listen to something a little on the mellower side. So I threw on some Jesu.

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Now, I fucking love Jesu, but as I was sitting there listening to the song “Silver” (sample of the upbeat lyrics: “I don’t understand the pain” and “Silver’s just another gold/When you’re bitter and you’re old”), I started thinking: Why is Justin Broadrick so sad? The guy has been a professional musician since he was like fifteen or something. He co-founded Napalm Death. He co-founded Godflesh. He’s universally acknowledged as a major talent. Apparently he smokes massive amounts of weed. I know he’s not like a rich dude or anything, but still, he’s got it pretty good. And so before you knew it, Rob and I adopted the Mr. Plinkett voice and started saying, over and over again, “WHY ARE YOU SO SAD, JUSTIN BROADRICK???”

Maybe by listening to this podcast, we can finally find out!

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