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RAMMSTEIN Frontman Offers First Taste of Solo Material!

Well, this is going to be creepy and/or evil. We need more!

Well, this is going to be creepy and/or evil. We need more!

Lindemann, consisting of Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and Hypocrisy embodiment Peter Tägtgren, was announced as a project this January without much more information given. Now we've got a new trailer which you can hear below and it sounds pretty sinister! If anything, I think this trailer is leading us all to believe that maybe this project is going to be infinitely heavier than we've previously thought. I was expecting pure industrial, but maybe this hints more at a melodic death metal direction? We'll see.

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It makes sense this project would be heavy as hell, considering the two involved. Maybe it'll be a trade-off with the vocals too? With Lindemann providing his spoken-sung narrative style and Tägtgren bringing forth the distorted growls.

Lindemann will be dropping a release this May, be it an EP or full-length.

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