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KIRK HAMMETT Screwed Up The "Nothing Else Matters" Intro At Power Trip, Had A Laugh About It

It happens, dude.

Kirk Hammett Nothing Else Matters

Kirk Hammett and the intro to Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" haven't gotten along so well in recent years, though Hammett's always been a good sport about it. For evidence, look no further than Metallica's performance at the Power Trip festival over the weekend, where Hammett had to stop and restart the song.

Though right after the screw up, Hammett addressed the crowd, laughing and saying: "Sorry guys, I did it again! I screwed it up again! I gotta play it again for you guys! You know, it's really hot in this fucking desert." And to be fair to Hammett, playing a solo clean guitar intro with no backing whatsoever has to be terrifying no matter how many times he's played it. So good on him – dude has a sense of a humor and nailed it the second time around anyway.

Metallica's set at Power Trip ran as follows:

  1. "Whiplash"
  2. "Creeping Death"
  3. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  4. "Enter Sandman"
  5. "Lux Æterna"
  6. "Too Far Gone?"
  7. "Fade to Black"
  8. "Fuel"
  9. "Orion"
  10. "Nothing Else Matters"
  11. "Sad but True"
  12. "The Day That Never Comes"
  13. "Hardwired"
  14. "Seek & Destroy"
  15. "One"
  16. "Master of Puppets"

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