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Jason Suecof Makes Me Feel Unreal

Jason Suecof Makes Me Feel UnrealJason Suecof is a musical genius, there is no doubt in my mind. The man produced many of the biggest metal records of the last few years, and is no slouch himselfs in terms of metal releases, putting out the ultra-brutal Capharnaum (featuring a young Matt Heavy on vocals screaming his heart out). But my favorite project that Suecof has ever done has to be Crotchduster. They manage to put homage and parody metal at the same time. Suecof just get's metal.

And while we probably won't see another Crotchduster album anytime soon, it's good to see some of Suecof's joke. tracks surfacing online. A year ago, a Shadows Fall tribute song, called Shadows Balls of course, found it's way online and he absolutely nailed the tone of the band. Now, he's up and done it again, as GunShyAssasin has a track by "Dill Piño" called "La Pelea." The track is a complete ode to Latino metal act Ill Niño and totally nails the tone of that band. Jason even includes an incredibly absurd chorus "You make me feel so real, so fucking unreal / You make feel so unreal that I feel real." It's already stuck in my head. Damn him!

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