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ILL NIÑO Streams "Beast Inside", EPs Quietly Pushed Back

Well that solves that mystery.

Ill Niño was set to release their new single "Beast Inside" on June 21, with a new EP IllMortals Vol 1 to follow on June 28. Neither one of those things happened and fans began voicing concerns. Now one day after media outlets published a report on the missing music, Ill Niño has dropped the video for "Beast Inside".

But what happened to IllMortals Vol 1? Well, there's no statement on any of Ill Niño's social media pages explaining the delay, but there is one on Godsize Records' page posted earlier today stating that IllMortals Vol 1 will now hit all streaming services on July 26. Which is great, but it seems like all this confusion could've been completely avoided by just issuing that statement last week, right?

"Due to unforeseen issues with physical production of the Ill Niño IllMortals albums, we have been forced to move the release dates to August 2024. To soften the blow, we have decided to unveil 'Beast Inside', a BRAND NEW single/video from Volume 1!

"We greatly appreciate your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience, but assure you it will be worth it!! One listen to the new single, and you will know this album is a certified banger!!

"We are very excited to present this new chapter of one of the most iconic Nu Metal bands in the game, and we really believe that you all will be hype on it, as well!!
Volume 1 will go live on all DSP's July 26 and Volume 2 on August 16. Physical Orders will arrive by August 9th, with T-shirts arriving sooner! Again, we apologize for this issue and will have everything out very soon!!"

Pre-orders for IllMortals Vol 1 are still available here.

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