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"Hosanna" By TEMPLE OF BAAL Is The Soundtrack To The Apolcaypse

Posted by on September 3, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Temple Of Baal, like most of the crazy black metal-tinged hymns to the void coming out of France lately, is heavy in only the most apocalyptic way. The band's new song "Hosanna," that we've been afforded the pleasure of premiering today, is named after the Jewish and Christian liturgical word that "save" or "rescue." Which is actually kind of funny, because the only thing this song is going to save you from is living another wretched second on this planet.

When the seas turn to blood and the universe begins its grand-scale collapse into nothingness, this song better be playing at full volume. Ready?

"Hosanna" is an eight minute track that sits smack in the middle of the band's brand new album Mysterium, which comes out on October 2 via Agonia Records.

Pre-orders are currently available!


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