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BANE And TEMPLE OF BAAL Team Up To Take You "Into Oblivion"

Blackened death metal band Bane are prepping the releasing of their next album Esoteric Formulae. On the tail of the excitement, we are happy to show of the new single "Into Oblivion" featuring Temple of Baal vocalist Amduscias. For anyone familiar with this Canadian-Serbian band, this will be exactly what you want in your life. Black and death metal meet in a violent clash with this new track. If you're not familiar with Bane yet, get familiar. This album is what you Dissection and Behemoth fans have been lacking in your lives.

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Bane comments:

"We're very excited to have Metal Injection premiere "Into Oblivion", one of the band's personal favorite tracks from the new record. Temple Of Baal has been a huge inspiration of mine since I started this band and to have Amduscias adding his personal touch on this one really makes it so much more powerful and unique."

Heavy music purveyors Black Market Metal Label are proud to announce the release of Esoteric Formulae by blackened death metallers Bane, coming out November 30th.

Bringing swirling symphonies and melodic passages meshed with an intense blackened death metal sound, Esoteric Formulae is a masterwork that leads many influences to an evil culmination. Originally from Serbia but now based in Montreal, Bane has poured their charred hearts into this third full-length release.  Each track is atmosphere-evoking, filling the soundscape with nocturnal melodies and conjuring visions of darkness, pain, and frost.

Here's the track listing:

1. Invocation Of The Nameless One
2. The Calling Of The Eleven Angles
3. Beneath The Black Earth
4. Bringer Of Pandimensional Disorder
5. Wretched Feast
6. Into Oblivion
7. Burning The Remains
8. Reign In Chaos
9. Acosmic Forces Of The Nightside
10. Wrathful Reflections

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Watch the official video for "Bringer Of Pandimensional Disorder" here:

Pre-order here.

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