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Here's Live Footage of A New PERIPHERY Song, "Juggernaut"

Juggernaut-ey! Love that shit!

Juggernaut-ey! Love that shit!

Periphery has been in the studio for a fairly solid portion of 2014, a venture they just recently wrapped up in terms of recording. The new album will be titled Juggernaut and will be out in early 2015. The band recently concluded on a Dream Theater-style "Escape the Studio" tour. At a show this past Friday (October 10) in Amityville, N.Y., they were nice enough to treat fans in attendance to a new song!

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The song showcases a pretty interesting direction for the band. There seems to be less… notes going on, for lack of a better description. The song just grooves hard and utilizes less than Periphery's music normally does. Juggernaut should be an interesting venture for the group to say the least!

We'd also like to thank guitarist Jake Bowen for taking some time to stop by our Comic Con booth over the weekend for a killer signing. We even have proof:


@jakeperiphery shaking babies and holding hands at NY Comic Con #nycc booth 2676 right now!

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