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The Monday Grind: SNEEZING PUS And VOMI NOIR Split EP Premiere

Posted by on April 29, 2019 at 12:27 pm

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with a split premiere from Sneezing Pus and Vomi Noir.

It’s time to get heavier this week. The grind is still on, but we’re gonna get gruesome with it. Death metal has made a very strong comeback in the last few years, and the genre shows no sign of slowing down the slaughter. Sneezing Pus and Vomi Noir are no exception to this. A double dose of deathgrind/goregrind that pays homage to the likes of Carcass, General Surgery, Xysma and Regurgitate. If you’re looking for putrid, you’ve come to the right place.

First up is the Sneezing Pus side, titled Putrid Necrotomy. Over three tracks the Spanish/Dutch two-piece dishes out some heavy as hell deathgrind that’s thick as molded pea stew. “Ominous Expulsion of Liquified Tissue” opens with a medical warning and then kicks along at a slower pace. “Grotesque Pustule Mush” speeds things up a little and the gory, death metal continues to get more and more disgusting. Vocally, the band sounds like they’re muttering from beneath a thick bog of sewage. The more it carries on, the faster it gets until leading into the final offering, “Exquisite Mastication on Ulcerous Flesh.” This is where the deathgrind is unleashed and the band start to blast. It’s filthy start to finish and by the time the tracks wrap up, it feels like a video nasty trilogy just finished.

Vomi Noir’s side is called Toutes les Couleurs de la Cacophonie Humorale and is very much a deathgrind/goregrind offering. The French trio serves up four tracks complete with teeth they ripped out of someone’s mouth with a hammer. Oldboy style. “L'Ultime Saignée” kicks things off with a healthy dose of blasting that is raw and bruised. It is grind done as old school as possible, loud, obnoxious and ugly. “Expectoration Violente de La Bile Jaune” follows seamlessly from the first track. So, at this point, you might notice that unlike the Sneezing Pus side, these tracks are almost more like a combined assault. Alright, there’s a second of breathing room at the end of track two. Like one second. “Comme un Torrent Atrabilieux” is also a strong blaster but has a few moments where the band takes time to breathe and hit home more on that death metal front. However, it leads right into the final offering “Les Convulsions Phlegmasiques d'une Pituite Muqueuse.” And this is Vomi Noir at their most unhinged. This track is fast, with plenty of groove to weave into its final minute before the gore flow comes to a halt.

Between Sneezing Pus and Vomi Noir you’ve got to great pieces of death metal/grind/goregrind. Vomi Noir has some discography stretching to 2016, while Sneezing Pus is a new project. However, both bands have members in active bands. Sneezing Pus features members of Gruesome Stuff, Relish, Altar of Gaillo, Dead Neanderthals and Cryptae, while Vomi Noir features members of Blue Holocaust and Biotox. So, it’s no wonder that both bands know what they’re doing. Regardless, get grinding on this premiere and grind out this Monday, gory style.

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