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The Monday Grind: LIFES "Unsedated Suffocation" Song Premiere

Posted by on May 6, 2019 at 1:50 pm

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with a track premiere from Lifes upcoming record Treading Water.

It’s always cool to see something badass coming out of my home state, Milwaukee, WI. I recall growing up and wishing the non-Milwaukee scenes weren’t so littered with pop punk at the time. But that was the early/mid-2000s. Hardcore wasn’t common in most areas and was only prominent in places like Milwaukee (see: Protestant). Having seen Lifes recently at the Vera Project in Seattle, WA, I knew after the show I had to do a piece on them. So, welcome to the chaos, and welcome to a chunk from Treading Water.

A bit of background, Lifes is a two-piece bass and drum unit that’s been cranking out tunes since 2013. Though they only have a few releases since their inception, including a split with the mighty Suffering Mind, both Dave Rudnik and Zak Holochwost have plenty of bands to their names, including Get Rad, Seven Days of Samara, Brutal Youth and Party By The Slice, among others. Treading Water is Lifes’ first full-length and dammit is it a monster. Which you’ll come to find out within the next month if you’re paying attention.

Our song today is “Unsedated Suffocation”, a 55-second descent into powerviolence grinding goodness. Immediately this track slams down a hammer of pure grinding rage. And there’s little preparation for it. The track comes slamming in with some killer bass and proceeds to grind its whims down to the bone. It’s pure blasting grind glory that descends into a broken down powerviolence kick. It’s the kind of track that makes people go wild in the pit. One minute circle pitting, the next fighting. It’s an excellent intro for the album that will leave you ready for more. So be on the lookout and get grinding on this.

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