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The Monday Grind Song Premiere: TERMINAL NATION Ups The (Power)Violence With "Numb To The Pain"

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with a song premiere from Terminal Nation.

This week’s Grind is pushing the hardcore/punk/powerviolence sound. Terminal Nation hails out of Little Rock, AR. With a 2014 demo and a 2015 EP called Waste to their name, the band is gearing up to release their first full-length: Absolute Control on Deep Six Records. And those that like their hardcore disjointed, sludgy and blasting should dive right into this one.

“Numb to the Pain” is a minute-and-four-seconds of powerviolence A screeching intro, a few sludgy, trudging chords and the song blasts through the gates, stomping like its opening up the fucking pit. Throw in some solid, youth crew chants, then turn it back to the blasting. Despite its length, this track doesn’t stay in one place too long.

If the first thought you have hearing this is Infest, then you’re not alone. “Numb to the Pain” sounds like it sampled Slave fiercely. The abrupt blasting and vocals are straight out of 1988 ala “Break the Chain.” But there’s a definite influence of bands like Lack of Interest and Siege here as well.

Terminal Nation play the old school sound like they have a Bachelors in hardcore/poweviolence. Just enough of both to really crush some skulls.

Absolute Control drops June 9th.

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