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The Monday Grind

Grindcore Monday: PRIAPUS' Depressant Comes Off As Unstoppable

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with Priapus.

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Alright, personally speaking, this Monday is great because I’m on vacation, and it’s already twenty past two here in WA. So for the rest of you that are showing up to early morning jobs, hope the day goes quick. And in between the hell of current events while listening to the No Agenda podcast, I find myself also revisiting the new Priapus Depressant more and more.

The Greensboro, NC four-piece, named after a Greek god, put this out back in April with artwork by Hal Rotter, recording/mixing by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business, and mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Apparently I’m on a death/grind kick lately because that’s where Priapus falls. Brief, savage deathgrind with only one song clocking in over two-minutes.

Though the band hasn’t released a full-length yet, Depressant is the first solo release they’ve done. And Priapus comes off as unstoppable. Songs are swift in dealing death but chock-full of riffage that jumps like a trampoline. “Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal” being one of the best examples (and one of the best song titles) in this regard, as the song slams on breakdowns and blasts, throwing the listener around like they’re in a padded cell.

Depressant is an album that encompasses madness well. Aren’t convinced? Skip ahead to “There is No Cure.” The riff itself is so pissed off that it’s almost like it starts to chase the listener down a dark corridor brandishing a rusted kitchen knife. Title track “Depressant” doesn’t do the listener any favors either. Between the choppy riffage, blasting, and slower, more methodical sections, it’s apparent that Priapus are simply frothing at the mouth the whole time. The EP is desperate without sounding like it’s got something to lose.

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Lyrically the album is reflects the title. Depressant aptly summarizes the whole of the album. It’s a misanthropic, disgusted slab that hides nothing. From drug problems, to wishing to be buried in an unmarked grave, mistakes, and depression, the album flays the skin and exposes how raw/emotional it can get.

Priapus make it pretty apparent on whether or not you’re going to immediately like them. The band has more grind than death metal in them but the recording of Depressant is more akin to a death metal album. Regardless, the band was no time or effort in viciously assaulting your skull. Fans of Plague Widow (is that new album ever coming out?) and Misery Index take note.  It isn’t going to be for everyone but it will wake you up and bring the rage.

If you’re interested in getting the wax you can hate me for getting the last copy of that. Got lucky on that regard I suppose.

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