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The Monday Grind

Grindcore Monday: HORRIBLE EARTH's Typical Human Behavior Is A Healthy Slice Of Cynicism

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with Horrible Earth.

It’s been a fun week hasn’t it? Everyone is ready to kill each other. Every person arguing on the internet has become the smartest in individual in the world, and has a PhD in Economics/Political Science. So what better time to roll in the cynicism, disgust and hate of Horrible Earth’s Typical Human Behavior.

Horrible Earth is a new project from Tim Morse (the final Anal Cunt drummer) and Tom Lee (For the Worse, a band that wrote the classic gem “Morrissey Sucks and So Do You”, a sentiment that still holds true) straight out of Boston, MA. And they’re ready to grind some faces into the ground.

Like I said in a previous post, I’ve been on a deathgrind kick lately. And Horrible Earth lay down some damn fine deathgrind that is fast and to the point. Comprised of fourteen tracks in fourteen-minutes, Typical Human Behavior is like a heavy brick being spiked over your unsuspecting skull over and over again.

The album gives you a moment for a nice little slow grind of an intro before jumping in with “Symbolic Ritual Symbolic Death”, a heavy, blasting, death-metal-sounding slice that sets the tone for the rest of the album. And the album is damn heavy. The recording quality leans more towards death metal, and fans of the genre may very well feel themselves pulled into this one.

Concerning deathgrind, it’s easy for a band to be too much of one or the other. Despite the incredibly short songs, Horrible Earth puts up a stellar mix of the genres. Yeah, the longest song is under three-minutes but Horrible Earth can do a lot with a minute of music. Tracks like “Endless War” and “Kill to Preserve” will make Misery Index fans smile and have you beating your chest.

What’s more is the old school punk influence that’s scattered throughout the album. The title track is something that sounds ripped straight from a Boston hardcore/punk band like Slapshot. The extremely short “Relative to My Interests” is also circle pit worthy. It’s an album that remembers its roots while still maintaining a modern sound.

Deathgrind fans should immediately get on this. Hell, anyone that likes fast music should get on this. It’s a great piece of deathgrind that melds old and new that remains interesting. Horrible Earth is another healthy dose of cynicism, heaviness and blasts. Crank it on repeat.

I'm here.

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