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GOROD Prays With Calloused, Bloody Fingers At The "Temple To The Art God"

Y'know, because it's technical death metal.

Y'know, because it's technical death metal.

Gorod is hands down one of the best technical death metal bands out there. With its members combining their mind-warping abilities on each of their respective instruments with obvious compositional talent, what's not to love? So it's with a beaming grin on my face that I get to premiere the band's new song "Temple To The Art God" today off the band's upcoming record A Maze Of Recycled Creeds.

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"Temple To The Art God" is a dizzying display of songwriting talent told through what I'd imagine a Salvador Dali painting might sound like with a distortion pedal. Gorod, as usual, writes insane riffs that manage to get stuck in my head without ever once seeming needlessly placed within the song. Kudos to new drummer Karol Diers as well- dude keeps up and then some.

A Maze Of Recycled Creeds is out October 16 via Unique Leader Records in North America and on Listenable Records in Europe. Pre-order it right here!

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