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WINDS OF PLAGUE Frontman Thinks He's Bane, Streaming Their New Album, Resistance In Full

Tuesdays are known for being the crappiest day of the week. We've already heard all the good parts of the weekend and it's still too early in the week to get excited about Friday… so what can keep you from going nuts? A ton of new metal being released.

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Winds of Plague released their new record, Resistance today, and they wanted to let you try before you buy. You can stream the full album here:

You know what? I'm sorry for having crapped on this record so hard when we've streamed both the singles from it. It's actually a pretty straight-forward record that pummels you fairly evenly throughout and overall kept my interest (somewhat) through the whole thing. This isn't groundbreaking new music that's making me shit my pants or anything like that, but it's definitely enjoyable. The band also Instagrammed the above picture and said separately, found by The PRP:

“Yes, I have adapted my image from Bane. Bane has no super powers, just anger and strength. I am the resistance.”

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