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WEREWOLVES Brings The Ferocious Death Metal On New Album The Dead Are Screaming

Reminds me of The Black Dahlia Murder.


If you're looking for some death metal that sounds like a cross between Behemoth and The Black Dahlia Murder with even lower vocals, then you're really going to dig the new Werewolves album.

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The band is releasing their new record The Dead Are Screaming on April 24 and we're streaming the whole damn thing right now. Because what else are you gonna start your day off with? Something nice and easy? Fuck that.

The world seems to be bowing at the feet of technical death metal these days. WEREWOLVES marches in the opposite direction, dragging its knuckles every inch of the way. This genre is not about pristine scales on freshly stringed guitars with clarity mixes for simpering audiophiles. This music is about IDIOTS and VIOLENCE and HATE.

<rips open shirt and bares chest>

Our death metal tells it AS IT IS, whether it's modern day identity politics with 'No More Heroes', congress with beasts on 'Dogknotted', or being all that you can be with 'Establish Dominance'. Other artists will try and tell you everything is going to be okay. They are LIARS. We are HONEST and PURE.

GODAMMIT, this is an album FOR OUR TIME. As your houses shield your bodies and the government shields your wages, our new album 'THE DEAD ARE SCREAMING' shall shield your very souls. The world wants – no, the world NEEDS – this scorchingly fucked debut from WEREWOLVES.

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Pre-order The Dead are Screaming here.

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