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UNREQVITED Emanates Sorrowful, Spellbinding Black Metal Through Debut Album, Disquiet

The one-man, Canadian black metal outfit that triumphs anxiety through melodic atmosphere.

The one-man, Canadian black metal outfit that triumphs anxiety through melodic atmosphere.

Atmospheric or depressive black metal can provide listeners with a means for emotional or mental release. Within the textural layers of calming soundscapes and bitter, blackened music resides a space where one can drift with their thoughts and feelings. A cleansing of sorts. For the Ontario-based solo project of Unreqvited, this emotional purge is the drive behind his debut album, Disquiet. Metal Injection was fortunate enough for the opportunity to present the premiere of this full-length effort today.

Unreqvited - Disquiet

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Disquiet is somber, and many times, stirring. The man behind the project, 鬼, uses hallmark principles of black metal like torrential blast beats and tremolo sparingly. Instead, opting for emphasis on melodies and synthesizers to invoke thoughts of frozen woodlands and a troubled internal state. 鬼's voice rings out with a pained disdain over mental torments, but the refrains that seem to breed hope and resolve wash over the shrieks and screams. Creating, not so much, a theme of perpetual despair, but one of resiliency. 鬼 commented on the impending release and his reasoning for Disquiet:

"I am enthralled to officially be partnering with Metal Injection for the release of my debut album, Disquiet. This record is my own personal cathartic discharge for everything that has ailed me over the past few years, and I can only hope it resonates with every one of you in the same way. I encourage the listener to leave their current headspace at the door, and allow themselves to embark on a journey; from the disquiet of man, to the calming tingle of the vast wood." -鬼

Unreqvited's debut album sees its official release this Saturday, October 29th. Until then, a stream of the captivating Disquiet is available below. Physical and digital copies of the album as well as other merchandise can be purchased through Unreqvited's Bandcamp page. The project can also be found on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram (@UNRQVTD), where you can keep up with the latest updates.

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