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Stream CONAN Frontman's Chunky, Crushing New Solo EP As UNGRAVEN

It's a crusty, distorted nightmare of an album.


When he's not making crushing music with Conan, frontman Jon Davis is cranking out distorted, blistering jams as Ungraven. We've been given the distinct privilege of debuting Davis' first-ever Ungraven effort today Language Of Longing, which is excellent because it gave me time to listen to it a bunch over the past few days.

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The unsurprising verdict here is that it rules and needs to be played at a volume that will make everyone who lives near you also experience it. Especially if you've got a subwoofer than can handle all those chunky riffs.

Here's what Davis had to say about Language Of Longing.

"I am a huge fan of Fudge Tunnel, Ministry, Godflesh, Sepultura and Nailbomb. I fell in love with ‘For All Those Who Died’ by Bathory on Headbangers Ball and also the ‘Speed Kills’ comp. Since then I have referenced these bands in some of Conan’s material. With Ungraven I pay homage to the industrial sounds emanating from Birmingham in the 90s with a few other influences that I’ve been obsessing over for a while. It’s super heavy but sightly different from what I have done so far.”

Language Of Longing is out March 1. Pre-order it here.

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