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Someone Edited METALLICA's 72 Seasons Down To 62 Minutes

All the songs are there. They're just shorter.

Metallica 2023
Photo by Tim Saccenti

Some of the complaints around Metallica's new album was that it was a little too long. 72 Seasons clocked in at 77 minutes total across 12 songs, a runtime that some reviewers and fas felt could've been cut down with less repetitions and shorter instrumental passages. YouTuber LESS is here to provide exactly that.

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LESS has chopped 72 Seasons down to a tidy 62 minutes long without cutting any full songs. Some of the edits are pretty cool, some of them are awkward, and overall it's just an interesting insight into how one fans feels things should've gone throughout 72 Seasons.

Check out the fan-edited version of the album below, decide which you like better, and then I dunno – listen to Metallica. They're great.

"Metallica, which I know and love, are strong, conscious songs and devoid of obscure elements," reasons LESS in their description. "Their early tracks, even long sometimes (like 'The Call of Ktulu' sung by me), but they were compact and integrated in the arrangement.

"That's why I listened to the new stuff right in this way. James sings in 'Lux Aeterna': 'full speed or nothing.' That's why I think that the compositions could have been created without adding long repetitions, stylistically strange inserts or surprising accents stopping the pace during really nice, intense riffs.

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"Of course, these are just my personal observations. And I did the editing of the songs as I feel, that is, in terms of my respect for the band's music, which was and will remain special and powerful to me. And I of course realize that there are many Metallica fans for whom this is a great album. I understand it! So I wish them more and more pleasure with each new listening session.

"But in the meantime, I invite to my edited version all of those listeners who noticed, like me, great stuff but inside the too long sounds of the 72 Seasons. Metallica's original album is over 77 minutes long! After my edit – is less than 60 minutes. Thanks to this – you can hear the old spirit of Metallica more. The arrangement is more condensed and unspoken. Hope you'll love it."

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