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MOTHER IRON HORSE Brings Their Live, Riffy Energy To You With Under The Blood Moon

A little blasphemy, a lot of riffs.

Mother Iron Horse band

Mother Iron Horse is here to bring forth some tongue-in-cheek blasphemy alongside ten tons of riffs with their new record Under The Blood Moon. Check out the full record below before its November 5 release and make sure you check out guitarist and vocalist Adam Luca's explanation of the album's genesis. Long story short, Under The Blood Moon is a direct reaction to the COVID pandemic and seeks to bring the live show to anyone and everyone.

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Under The Blood Moon was recorded with engineer Zach Weeks (Old Man Gloom, Sect) at GodCity Studio and produced by Ozzy Osbourne bassist (and Ripple Music's Executive VP of A&R and Special Projects) Rob "Blasko" Nicholson.

"When approaching this new record Under The Blood Moon we were in a very different place. We just had our brains scrambled from 2 tours and a summer full of festivals and one-off shows. We were staring down the barrel of another booked out year with national and European tours lined up. Recording another album was a long way away in my mind. Then without warning, the world stopped turning. The rug was pulled from under everyone's feet as the coronavirus forced us into a global quarantine. Something we never thought was even possible. That was it. We were all forced into our homes and left wondering if life as we knew it would ever be seen again. It was a very bleak moment in history.

"We were forced to witness the harsh reality of life, loss and true helplessness on a daily basis. While paying respect to what was actually happening around us, it forced me to retreat into my imagination. With the streets literally empty, it allowed me to envision a completely alternate universe in my surroundings. A sort of blank canvas to set my own weird stage. Every song on Under The Blood Moon takes place within a 5-10 mile radius from our home in the Salem area of Massachusetts. An already surreal place made even more so in the throes of a global pandemic.

"Our first album was recorded in a way that we could play live. I remember the mindset being that whatever we did on that record we could do live without missing a beat. Now, facing the notion of not being able to play a live show for the foreseeable future. Our approach was much different. Instead of bringing our world to the listener. Our goal was to transport them from wherever they may be and bring them to ours. For better or worse, this album is escapism in its purest form.

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"We knew that we needed to branch out in order to achieve this goal. Fortunately, Salem is also home to the renowned recording studio GodCity. With the help and expertise of engineer Zach Weeks we set out to put our ideas into action. What we were looking for, he had already found. It seemed like he knew what we had in mind and ran with it.

"Along with Zach we were also extremely fortunate to have the help of Blasko as a producer. He and I would spend a ton of time bouncing ideas back and forth about song structure and basically every little detail of what this album would become. It was our first time accepting any outside help and I believe it did us a tremendous service. We are proud of what we were able to accomplish."

Pre-order Under The Blood Moon here.

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