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LEFT BEHIND's New Album Blessed By The Burn Is Pure Anger & Sorrow

FFO: Nails, Sect, All Pigs Must Die, End, pretty much anything Kurt Ballou touches.

FFO: Nails, Sect, All Pigs Must Die, End, pretty much anything Kurt Ballou touches.

Left Behind's second album, titled Blessed By The Burn, is heavy in a few ways. First and foremost is that the music sounds like it's a three hundred ton dump truck of riffs and hatred barreling through your speakers. Whether they're riffing toward oblivion a la Nails or slowing things down into a Down-esque groove, the music is just obliterating.

Though emotionally the record covers a lot of ground as well, as vocalist Zach Hatfield tells us in a quote below.

Blessed By The Burn is about things that happened to me in 2016. My girlfriend at the time passed away, I found out she was beaten before her death and it made me lose my mind. I ended up in the hospital a couple times to try and get myself straightened out.

As time passed after Rebecca’s death I thought I was getting better but I was getting much worse. The second time I was checked into the hospital I wasn’t willing and I was violent so I wasn’t allowed out of the room and at that point I didn’t know where I was or why I was there so I ended up blacking out and tearing up the room, then I wound up in jail.

Once I was in jail the hallucinations and blackouts just got worse. There’s a lot of supernatural aspects to the lyrics on this album because, at the time, that’s how the world felt. I still lay awake and wonder whether the things that I felt and the voices I heard were real or not.

Go ahead and annihilate your speakers below, and grab a copy of Blessed By The Burn before its release this Friday here.

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