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INCITE Up in Hell Full Album Stream & Interview with Frontman Richie Cavalera

Apparently it runs in the family. Richie Cavalera is the son of metal icon Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, ex-Nailbomb, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Killer be Killed). But not content to rest on his familial laurels, Richie and his bandmates in Incite have put out two albums of their own, The Slaughter and All Out War.

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Today, the band release their third record, Up in Hell and we have the exclusive full album stream:

I had the chance to talk to Richie a few weeks ago and decided to ask him a few things about the album, touring plans and whether he likes being known as "Max's son."

Metal Injection: First of all, congratulations on putting out your third album! How would you say this album is different from "All Out War?" While I'm sure you guys keep the thrashiness and the riffs coming, is there a feature that marks this album apart from the previous two?

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Richie Cavalera: Yeah, I think the biggest change was replacing our drummer and bass player on this record. They brought a much more “raging” vibe to the music. It's so much more powerful. I think the drums are insane on this record and Lennon really knocked it out of the park. The bass playing style used to be more slap oriented and now it's more picking rhythm and I think it fits the music a lot more.  Also, bringing in producer Matt Hyde brought us to the next level with sound structure and lyrical approach. I feel this whole album is just so much more advanced than our previous two. I think people will also feel this is by far the best Incite record to date. We are the band you want when you can't take one more metal band singing a chorus.

With "Up in Hell", is there a central theme you're trying to go for? What message are you trying to express to the listener? (Love the album artwork by the way)

Once I heard the music, I knew "Up In Hell" was a perfect title. Considering the lyrical content, it just was the perfect way to describe this record and my life and the whole world at the time. I came up with the name when I was like 7 years old. It was the first metal title I ever wrote down.  I think each song is a part of the hell that we live in today; from everyday events like "WTF" which is about having a shitty day, or "False Flag" which is my take on 9/11 and other conspiracies, or people talking shit like "Rightful Spot". I think a lot bands have lost the real message of music and just try to talk about fake life or things that don't relate to the real world. With this album I wanted to make songs and a record that everyone could relate to during their crazy ass years on this planet.

In the past, you've appeared on Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy recordings, are there any other collaborations planned with Max these days?

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Not really, we've both been very busy with our bands and just haven't really talked about it. I always want to do something with those bands since they are who gave me my start and helped me grow as a front man. There's nothing like jamming with Max. It’s a special feeling for sure to rage with your father. It’s a dream come true. We'll definitely continue to collaborate as much as we can.

You have a tour coming up with Chimaira this fall over in Europe, but do you guys have anything planned for the United States?

Yes, we're planning a US tour for when we return from Europe. Can't tell you who the tour is with yet, but it will be announced shortly. Europe has always been huge for Incite so we felt it was important to get over there ASAP and with Chimaira, it's going to be a brutal tour for sure! We will be doing several US tours in 2015. Hopefully once this album drops, bands will be beating down our door to take us on tour. It's a very exciting time for us all.

I'm sure a lot of people ask you about being influenced by Max's work with Sepultura, Nailbomb, etc. Do you resent this at all? Do you feel it's difficult to make a name for yourself outside of your family ties? I’m sure you have a ton of other influences as well.

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No I don't, because he would be an influence even if he wasn't my father. I mean, bands like Sepultura and Nailbomb have influenced most the metal you hear today. Max is a legend and has done so much for the fans and for music as a whole. I know if I work hard and put out kick ass records, fans will show me the respect that we earn as a band. I bust my ass for this band and fans notice that. They can tell if you’re fake right away. I've done this my way and on my own, from driving the whole tour in a two-door car, selling merch, then playing the show. I've never been a rock star or like “Max is my dad, kiss my ass”. I've always been respectful and just try to make music that the world can relate to and help them through a fucked up day or whatever it may be. That’s what music has done for me and to help someone with my music is a blessing.

My influences are Suicidal Tendencies, Deftones, Journey, Metallica, Pantera, Faith No More (to name a few). I love all types of music and try to listen to it all, with the goal of opening up my musical vibe and knowledge and to grow my music in all ways.

Thanks so much for the support. Horns high.

Up in Hell is out now via Minus Head Records. Buy it on for $10.98 or iTunes for $8.99.

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