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DEEDS OF FLESH Guitarist Crafts A Standout Solo Effort On DESTROYING THE DEVOID's Paramnesia

Posted by on August 18, 2016 at 2:25 pm

While we all anxiously await the next Deeds of Flesh album set for next year, the bands own guitarist Craig Peters has been busy in the interim working on the release of his solo album under the name Destroying The Devoid. Paramnesia is the albums title, and while some similarities to Deeds of Flesh are present, this is far more of an experimental and progressive death metal focused album overall.

Like Craig mentioned when laying out the reason for creating this solo project, the goal was to have it be an outlet for music he felt was more theatrical and different that might not fit in Deeds of Flesh. In that respect, he has succeeded in delivery a great progressive death metal record that in no way sounds like a mere clone or imitation of his work in Deeds of Flesh. Not that that would have been a bad thing, hell I probably still would have ate it up and loved it. But, there's something to be said for really trying to create something separate from the sound he is already involved with preceding this album.

The theatrical and orchestral sheen mentioned above makes its mark right from the onset of opener "Chasm Of Existence", a savage and dazzling dose of death metal strongly supplemented by an array of piano, synth, and orchestral layers that really gives the song an epic sweeping grandeur in between its technical battering salvos. From there, the album never relents, diving into the absolutely monstrous second track and initial single, "The Endless Cycles Of Lunacy", with a number of new elements and surprises slowly woven into the two tracks that follow it.

The album bows out on a strong note with its most progressive trio of songs in the form of a three song suite  entitled "Beyond The Dark Veil". I'm not going to lie, even a lot of my favorite bands who want to get ballsy with it and deliver a multi-song intertwined experience, often fall short of my expectations. But Craig really delivered with "Beyond The Dark Veil", and this three song suite is such a fantastic way to close the records second half with. Personally, I've always been a huge fan of Craig's guitar playing over the years, and this album is a veritable gold mine of killer rhythm riffs and outstanding lead playing that should satisfy the death metal masses.  All in all, Paramnesia is a commendable release that is head and shoulders above the vast majority of solo death metal efforts you'll hear. Give it a spin below and buy it if you dig it! Destroying The Devoid – Paramnesia comes out this Friday, August 19th through Unique Leader Records and can be pre-ordered here. Be sure to follow the project over on the Destroying The Devoid Facebook as well!

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