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Death Metal Monday

Death Metal Monday: Indiana's FLESHER Has One Demo And It's Grotesquely Heavy

Their Murder Sessions demo is disgusting.


Mondays suck. Death metal doesn't. So let's start the week off by checking out a recently-released death metal album. And if you need more, check out all the previous editions of Death Metal Monday here.

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Who the hell is Flesher and why is nobody talking about their September 2022 demo Murder Sessions? No really – these are the questions. All we know about Flesher at the moment is that they're from Indianapolis, IN, they opened for Enterprise Earth once, and they've got a three-track demo on Bandcamp that should be blowing the doors off every death metal fan's house.

From the furiously stomping rhythms of "Wisconsin," to the neckbreaking grooves of "Curse," down to the disembowling sludge of "Tomb Of Blood," Murder Sessions should be on everyone's (metaphorical) turntable right now. This thing is fucking grotesque and I love it… and really, Flesher? Murder Sessions is a demo? Come on. These three tracks sound fantastic.

Pick up Murder Sessions here on Bandcamp.

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