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Death Metal Monday

Death Metal Monday: France's SÉPULCRE Enters The Hollows Of The Dead

Begin your journey into Sheol.


Mondays suck. Death metal doesn't. So let's start the week off by checking out a recently-released death metal album. And if you need more, check out all the previous editions of Death Metal Monday here.

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Brittany, France's Sépulcre is here to drag you down to the land of the dead with their new EP Cursed Ways Of Sheol. Across its four tracks, culminating in the gargantuan "Foul Divinity Enthronation," Sépulcre's feet land heavy on the ground with every step as they slowly trudge toward the abode of the cursed afterlife.

The pacing of Cursed Ways Of Sheol is also worth mentioning, as it continually slows down until you're practically crawling into the casket. Come for the death metal, stay for the doom, right?

Get Cursed Ways Of Sheol here.

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