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Death Metal Monday

Death Metal Monday: California's TUMULATION Is CONJURETH Members Making Death Doom

It'll sap your will to live.


Mondays suck. Death metal doesn't. So let's start the week off by checking out a recently-released death metal album. And if you need more, check out all the previous editions of Death Metal Monday here.

Tumulation is the death doom project of Frankie Saenz, Ian Mann, Wayne Sarantopoulos of Conjureth (and formerly of Ghoulgotha), though they've swapped the roles they play in their other band.

"Ian is the lead guitarist of Conjureth, and he switches to rhythm guitar here, and also handles lead vocals for the first time ever," said the band. "Frankie is the Conjureth drummer, and he is on lead guitar and bass here. Wayne is the Conjureth vocalist and rhythm guitarist, and here he switches to drums. On this first demo, everyone wrote a song for it, so there is some varied styles mixed together in the swampy death."

Tumulation's debut demo Savage Blood Domain was recorded at Conjureth's stomping grounds of Trench Studios in Corona, CA and was mixed and mastered Gabriele Gramaglia from Cosmic Putrefaction. Long story short, this is gloomy death doom that'll slowly sap your will to live.

Get Savage Blood Domain here.

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