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BORDGE Twist And Turn Through Rock, Post Hardcore, And Metal On Neither The Place Nor The Time

Bordge – Neither the Time or the Place

If you are already privy, Bordge has returned from a three-year hiatus. If you are not, the Moscow, Russian four-piece has been drawing up experimental melodic/noisy rock music for many years now. The band first started releasing material back in 2011 and has a turned over a fairly robust discography discography since then. Though their latest record Neither the Time Nor the Place has been a labor of love and is finally ready to be unleashed onto the world.

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Do not get too caught up on the “noisy rock” portion in the band’s description of the previous paragraph. Note that experimental part more. See, Bordge is the kind of band that can drift and sway between gernes with relative ease. The band has plenty of rock going on in their sound but everything that gets weaved in is what ups the experience. From post hardcore, to noise rock, shoegaze, and even a little sludge metal. Neither the Time Nor the Place is rich in sonic textures.

“No Place” sets the pace for the record. After a little swelling intro the band gets straight into some heavy post hardcore/rock. There are great guitar licks, some punchiness, and plenty of heavy moments. And following this on a gentler, more shoegaze moment is “In The Blur.” A track that cools things down but still pumps some rock into the veins. It is very melodic, even delicate feeling. Though things pick up as it moves along.

Other pieces like “Minefields” play more to the metal side of things. Here the band incorporates a very chaotic, noise rock intro that shifts into a jumpy verse and then a very melodic chorus. It is a track that spends plenty of time toying with its sound and sensibilities. Meanwhile other tracks like “The Wavering” gets much heavier and most post hardcore as it carries on in its second half.

There is a lot to unpack on Neither the Time Nor the Place. People that are into bands like Queens of the Stone Age or Cave In will find a lot to unpack with Bordge. They turn out some noisy rock but it is peppered and cut with plenty of post hardcore, noise rock and metallic elements. It a feast for the ears and senses.

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