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ATEIGGÄR (UNGFELL) Dive Deep Into Ancient Mysticism on Debut EP Us d‘r Höll chunnt nume Zyt

Posted by on November 22, 2019 at 9:59 am

Ateiggär is a new band formed by members of Swiss black metal collective Helvetic Undergound Committee and the two forces behind Ungfell, a critically-acclaimed black metal band we should have covered by now.

Their new band resembles Ungfell only in the slightest as Ateiggär (meaning "initiator of ideas") is clearly inspired by second-wave of black metal bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor and others.

Stripped of Ungfell's enchanting atmosphere, the Switzerland-based duo conspire crusty riffs, d-beats and even some dungeon-like synths to create a sound for Ateiggär that is completely its own.

Just look at the band's liner notes for the EP:

"Proudly purist, yet not exclusively backwards-looking, the five songs comprising Us d'r Höll chunt nume Zyt – the band's first public recording, a veritable bolt from the blue – compellingly create a tapestry of mysticism and splendor strongly breathing the air of the ancients, a staunchly '90s-entrenched majesty and might."

Us d’r Höll chunnt nume Zyt is out now on multiple formats via Eisenwald (purchase here), so strap on your boots and let's go for a ride:

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