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Need A Wake Up Call? FALLUJAH's New Single Will Do The Trick!

Californian atmospheric death metal champions Fallujah have put out a new single from their upcoming Nomadic EP, and it's pretty damn killer!

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'The Dead Sea' is an absolute monster of a song that straddles the line between death metal and a nice post-rock feel without stepping too hard in either direction. Above all that descriptive-adjective genre jazz is the spectacularly catchy and technical riffing, which should make you interested in the song right off the bat. Couple that with a mean and spacey drum tone that sits right up front the mix and you've got yourself one hell of a heavy song.

Unfortunately, Nomadic does not have a release date as of yet, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. I also think it's at least mildly humours that if each song hypothetically does weigh in at around six minutes a piece, you'll have an 18-minute EP… or half a modern whatever-you-call-it-core album. Hooray composition!

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