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EMMURE's Frankie Palmeri Raps on New RIFF RAFF Remix Track (Yes, For Real!)

Frankie always wanted to be a rapper.

Frankie always wanted to be a rapper.

One of our favorite "musicians" to write about here at Metal Injection is Frankie Palmeri. You may recall he wrote a song about me on the new Emmure album, and naturally, I and my RIP a Livecast co-hosts had to rebutt with a diss track of our own.

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Frankie is furthering his reach into the hip hop world by contributing to a remix of the Riff Raff song, "2 Girls, 1 Pipe." Riff Raff is a white rapper from Houston who was the inspiration for James Franco's amazing character in the movie Spring Breakers. Frankie's rap comes in around 1:18:

Frankie fits right in dropping sick rhymes like "face it bitch, you're just a basic bitch" and "I'ma just be stuffin' dick in their throat, cause I'm rich and you broke" before the admittedly catchy hook comes in again.

How did Frankie do?

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[Thanks for the tip Raphael]

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