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DR. COLOSSUS Provides Some (Actually) Good Simpsons-Themed Metal

That Ned Flanders band got nothing on these guys.

That Ned Flanders band got nothing on these guys.

Last week, the Internet was all twitterpated over news of a Simpsons-themed metal band called Okilly Dokilly. The band's shtick is that each member dresses as everyone's favorite fundamentalist Christian, Ned Flanders, and their song "lyrics" are all dialogue taken from The Simpsons. That sound's kind of funny, right? The only problem is that Okilly Dokilly isn't very go-diddly-od. Their music sounds thrown together with little thought given to song composition and the sound quality is bad even by demo standards. It's obvious the band is a lark that took off for a day or two thanks to the Internet's insatiable thirst for viral content.

But metal fans who also love The Simpsons need not despair. There's a much better Simpsons-themed metal band out there called Dr. Colossus. These Australians have been around for a bit and have a pair of EPs available for purchase on their Bandcamp page. The music of Dr. Colossus is throwback doom metal in the vein on Black Sabbath and their lyrics are all centered around The Simpsons. Unlike Okilly Dokilly, the novelty doesn't wear out its welcome immediately because this duo's music holds up to repeated listens.

Much like Radioactive Man rushing to the aid of Fallout Boy, Dr. Colossus released a brand new song this weekend to cleanse listener's palates of the bad taste left behind by Okilly Dokilly. The track is called "Stupid Sexy Flanders" and its lumbering riffs and clever lyrics are sure to embiggen your soul! Take a listen to the song via the Youtube stream below, and grab the band's other material from their Bandcamp page if you like what you hear.

[h/t Xtapolapometal]


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