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A/V, Mustaine Mania

Dave Mustaine Thanks God For Getting Him Through Big 4 Show.

Posted by on September 16, 2011 at 3:36 pm

There was a lot of controversy early in the week as to if Dave Mustaine would be able to perform at the Big 4 show on Wednesday. It even got to the point where we heard that Exodus were asked to hop on a plane and get their asses over to NY to fill in. But eventually, Dave said he would do it and he showed up and the band did crush, CRUSH, crush 'em. Mustaine gave an interview to Rolling Stone, neckbrace and all before the show and said that God was watching and protecting him from further injury. Why didn't God prevent the injury to begin with, Dave? Maybe it was just that cunt, Mother Nature's fault. Here is the video (warning, it may autoplay):

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