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Comrades, Let Me Introduce You To METAL NOAM!

Posted by on January 15, 2014 at 9:58 am

Themed heavy metal bands are nothing new: Summoning built a career on mining the works of J.R.R. Tolkien for lyrical content, Sabaton write about historic battles, and Nile spin esoteric Egyptian lore into brutal death metal songs. But, in terms of sheer academic nerdiness, none of these bands come close to Avram – the new musical project based on the writings of famed linguist and leftist political thinker Noam Chomsky.

Avram is comprised of Amanda Machina on guitar/synth/vocals/theremin, A. Darryl Moton on bass, and Nate Carson on drums. Additionally, the 3 song EP, titled Metal Noam, features extensive audio samples from Chomsky himself. The EP is scheduled for release on February 4th but you can get an early taste of what Avram sounds like over at Decibel.com where they're streaming the track "No Right To Live" as well as providing an interview with drummer Nate Carson.

Lastly, lest you lose sleep over the thought of an anarcho-syndicalist octogenarian being exploited by some metal musicians, know that the members of Avram obtained written permission from Chomsky to use soundbites of his lectures so everything's on the up-and-up. In fact, once the band has recouped the recording costs of the EP, all profits from the sale of Metal Noam will be donated to a charity of Noam Chomsky's choosing. Keep an eye on Metal Injection for more info on Avram as the EP's release date approaches, and use the comments section to let us know how you feel about trve kvlt collegiate anarcho-metal.

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